Mazda Furniture: Would You Buy It?

Mazda furniture

In the automotive world, the importance of establishing and maintaining a good brand image cannot really be overstated. Today, many automakers are discovering that expanding their product lines in interesting and unexpected ways can be a big help to their brand image. But instead of selling hats and t-shirts, Mazda is pushing things up a level: the company is thinking about adding furniture to its lineup.

We’re certainly intrigued by this idea, but, of course, it’s the customers’ voices that really matter. So, Lancaster Mazda customers, let us know: would you be interested in some exclusive and official Mazda furniture? If the company decides to give the project the go-ahead, the first product to hit showrooms would be “an artsy new metal and leather” chair, according to Auto News.

Here’s how Mazda itself describes the chair: “Painstakingly crafted, there are distinct parallels between the chair and Mazda models with the Kodo design, such as the ready-to-pounce, forward-leaning stance conveying the sudden release of pent-up energy.”

Check out the unique-looking chair in these pictures, and then, if you’re feeling inspired by the design aesthetic, come see us at Lancaster to see the vehicles that influenced it. We look forward to seeing you!


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