The Best Hershey Candy to Eat

Best Hershey Candy
What's Your Favorite Hershey Candy?


Easter may be over, but there is plenty of candy to still be found at nearby Hershey, Pennsylvania. As the name of the city implies, Hershey is the headquarters of the Hershey Candy Company. Hershey produces a number of different sweet treats. With so many varieties of candy to choose from, we thought we would share some of the best Hershey varieties to taste!

  1. Hershey Kisses

These bite size chocolate candies are the perfect tiny treat to snack on. With a distinct shape and wrapper, Hershey kisses have won their way into our hearts.

  1. Kit Kat Bar

Kit Kat Bars are good candy bars to share, seeing as how you can break the wafers into pieces. The only question is whether you will actually want to share, or keep it all for yourself.

  1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

The perfect combination of Peanut Butter and chocolate found in the Reese’s Cup rivals the classic combination of Peanut Butter and jelly!

  1. Twizzlers

Hershey isn’t just famous for its chocolate. The licorice Twizzlers offer a fruity alternative for fans of candy.

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