A Few Glove Box Essentials

Mazda6 and other Mazda glove box essentials

For some, the glove compartment is a de facto garbage bin. Don’t waste that important space! Keep these three glove box essentials in there and you’ll be ready for the zombie apocalypse…


Leather racing gloves

You don’t want your hands slipping of the steering wheel when grip is the most important, do you? Plus, it can be fun to intimidate other drivers at red lights when you dramatically grasp the steering wheel with your gloved hands. Throw in a pair of aviator sunglasses for full effect.


Paper map

When the zombie apocalypse starts, you can bet that your cellular service is going to go out. A paper map is going to help you re-route when you encounter roads blocked off by abandoned cars. Be pro-active and highlight certain areas on the map that might be strategic places to hole up. Watch The Walking Dead for tips.


Compact Multi-Tool

Your multi-tool should have both a Philips head and flathead screwdriver, knife, pliers and bottle opener. In the event of a zombie apocalypse, you are going to need a drink. After you loot some beer, how are you going to get the bottles open?

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