Good Housekeeping 2016 Best New Car Awards Recognizes 2016 Mazda3 Grand Touring

2016 Mazda3 wins Good Housekeeping Best Car Award

Good Housekeeping knows what families need. Car and Driver knows cars. They recently joined forces to hand out the Good Housekeeping 2016 Best New Car Awards. These awards have to be the most vetted automotive awards around!

The two magazines pored over an initial pool of 160 different vehicles across four different categories—Compact, Sedan, Eco and Crossover. The engineers employed by Good Housekeeping then logged thousands of miles getting to know each vehicle, noting where each vehicle shined in areas like price, performance, family-friendliness and infotainment technology.

Taking the cake in the Best Compact Car category was the 2016 Mazda3 Grand Touring 5-Door. “We were amazed by how fun it was to drive. The swift acceleration and responsive handling made us feel as if we were in a sports car,” said the Good Housekeeping folks

They considered the rain-sensing windshield wipers to be the best feature. They also liked how easy it was to set up the tech system. For all of those reasons and more, the 2016 Mazda3 Grand Touring 5-Door remains one of the coolest family vehicles on the road today.

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