Dare to Compare – New Mazda3 vs. Toyota Corolla

Mazda3 in Lancaster, PA

The sedan race today is getting fierce. However, no other sedan can keep up with the Mazda3! That’s right!  Not even the newly renovated Toyota Corolla. The new Mazda3 is more powerful, efficient, and refined than any of its competitors.

More Power Under the Hood

There’s no doubt that the Toyota Corolla is built to be a practical vehicle. However, the Mazda3 manages to be practical and playful, capable of producing 155 horsepower, as opposed to the Corolla’s 132 horsepower.

Better Gas Mileage

Not only is the new Mazda3 more fun to drive, but it’s also more efficient. The Mazda3 can reach a highway mpg of 41. The Toyota Corolla, meanwhile, can only achieve 37 mpg on the highway.

Additional Amenities

You will find features in the Mazda3 trims that you can’t find with the 2016 Toyota Corolla. Some of these include blind-spot monitoring, leather seating, and optional remote start. These helps the Mazda3 provide new levels of luxury.

When you add everything up, the new Mazda3 is simply the best sedan around. Check out the new 2016 Mazda3 at Lancaster Mazda today. Let us show you the features, new options, and take a test drive today.

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