Tips for Taking Road Trips in Small Cars

how to successfully take road trips in small cars

Road trips are enough of a headache in SUVs, but trying to shove a family of four and your luggage into a subcompact makes it even worse. Here are some tips for going on road trips in small cars.

There are definitely advantages to small cars—they tend to have better gas mileage, so you’ll be stopping less and spending less money on gas, for one. From an efficiency angle, it’s a good idea to take one on a trip. The key to doing so with minimal discomfort is strategic packing. Be extremely economical in what you bring, taking only what’s absolutely necessary.

Use several small duffle bags instead of large suitcases. Smaller bags are easier to shove into small spaces, so you can put more of them in.

You’re going to have to stuff things in pretty tight, so keep the necessities for each pit stop—toiletries, swim gear, blankets, whatever you need—close to the top of the pile. This will save you a lot of time and headache, and you won’t have to dig through everything you brought every time that you stop.

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