Road Trip Games: Basics to Avoid Boredom

Road Trip Games

Road trips can be a blast for kids and parents alike, but it’s important to come prepared with a range of road trip games everyone can enjoy. From I Spy to 20 Questions, below is a list of classics you shouldn’t leave home without.

I Spy is a classic that’s easy to learn if you don’t already know it. One person finds an object, and describes it with an adjective (usually a color). For example, one person says: “I spy with my little eye, something green.” Then, people try and guess the answer. This is a definite time killer, so sit back and enjoy your time in the car whiz by.

Looking for license plates is another fun game. While some people go all out, even making bingo cards before the trip, it can also be fun to just look for specific plates. Try spotting one from each state, or look for unique vanity plates.

The Picnic Game is a great memory game. Begin by saying, “I went on a picnic and brought (something that begins with A).” Everyone in the car answers, listing the object before. Try to make it from A-Z, without forgetting a letter.

Last but not least, lists 20 Questions as one of the best. Simply pick an object and have people guess yes or no questions to answer. This is fun for kids and adults – the sillier the better.

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