Sharing the Road: Driving with Bicycles

Sharing the road with bicycles

Everybody enjoys riding bikes in the summer, but more bikes mean more potential dangers for drivers. Bicycle safety is important to maintain, especially as you share the road with these two-wheeled friends. We’ve put together a list of tips on diving with bicycles to ensure you’re safe behind the wheel.

According to the, there are 630 fatal traffic accidents involving cyclists every year. Although bike riders have responsibilities as well, it’s important to know how to properly share the road. One of the best things to keep in mind is how vulnerable bicycles are, especially to a two-ton car.

Understanding bicyclists’ rights is also important. Bicycles are considered vehicles on public roads, so you should always respect their right-of-way. Unless there is a lane for bicycles, you’re required to follow behind, just like you would with a slow moving car.

Watch when turning right. One of the most dangerous scenarios occurs when a car is turning right and a bicyclist keeps going straight, causing a T-bone like accident. If you’re turning, make sure to check behind you first.

Last but not least, don’t think of bike riders as pests. Although it’s easy to see bicyclists as an obstacle, try and remember that they have as much of a right to the public roads as you do. Keeps these things in mind with driving with bicycles this summer and fall!

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