Taking It Easy on Your Wallet: Gas Mileage Tips

gas mileage tips

As the weather warms up we’re likely to see more traffic, as well as more people on road trips. That’s why we’ve put together a list of gas mileage tips. Following these simple guidelines, you’ll be able to get the best fuel economy possible.

Fuel Economy.gov breaks fuel economy tips into four categories. The first category involves changing your driving habits. It’s important to avoid aggressive driving and to go the speed limits. Also, remember to use cruise control when on the highway, and avoid excessive idling (when you idle you’re getting 0 mpg).

The second group of tips involves car maintenance. The most important things are tire pressure, oil changes, and air filters. Although you should regularly inspect and service your car, it’ll get the best fuel economy if your tires are properly inflated, the engine is well-lubricated, and if the air intake is optimum.

It’s important to plan and combine trips when possible. Carpooling is great to save on gas, as well as making one big trip, compared to multiple small ones.

Last but not least, choose the most efficient vehicle possible. Mazda not only offers an array of affordable and efficient cars, but Mazda is a leader in innovating fuel-efficient technology. SKYACTIV technology is the best example of this, an array of lightweight engines and transmissions that squeeze every drop of fuel.

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