A Mazda3 Driven Over Flames Puts i-Stop Technology to the Test

Mazda3 Driven Over Flames

Mazda UK has put out a commercial hot enough to get the attention of viewers worldwide. The commercial puts the Mazda3 to the ultimate test of strength and endurance, sending it (and stunt driver Paul Swift) over a bed of flames. Before you call BS (like so many others), check out the automaker’s recently released behind the scenes video.

If driving a perfectly good car over a bed of flames isn’t crazy enough, Mazda went one step further and employed its new i-Stop technology, stopping the car momentarily over the flames. Mazda’s i-Stop technology is a new feature that automatically shuts the car off when the vehicle is at rest, and instantly restarts when the accelerator is re-engaged. The feature is meant to cut down on unnecessary idling at stop lights, in traffic, and at railroad crossings – ideal for drivers who commute in congested cities.

In a true testament to the quality of Mazda vehicles (and the tires they drive on), Mazda engineers created a car-sized grill, doused the coals in gasoline, and sparked a fire. Driver Paul Swift then pulled over the flames, drove through them, and on the other side the car was immediately met with fire extinguishers. The amazing part? The Mazda3’s underside didn’t catch fire and the gas tank wasn’t affected.

See the Mazda3 driven over flames in this commercial for yourself!

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