Mazda Hints at RX-8 Successor

With Mazda’s 100th anniversary coming up in five short years, rumor has it they’re developing something special. Mazda’s former vice president of European research and development, Kenichiro Saruwatari, let it slip that 30 engineers are developing the something special. So what is this something special believed to be, you ask?

Well, rumor is that it’s the long awaited successor to the RX-8. Speculation says that the next model will tick back a number to RX-7. Whatever its number, the RX-8 successor has been long awaited, and yet it looks like Mazda has no plans as of yet to confirm the model. So what can we expect?

Previous RXs ran with a front engine and rear wheel drive. This Mazda RX is using the newly developed, lightweight MX-5 Miata platform. Those 30 engineers we mentioned before are developing rotary engines, by the way, the same engine the RX-8 had. The previous model put out 228 hp with a twin rotor 1.3-liter engine, the equivalent to a 2.6-liter engine. Mazda is one of the last automakers to continue producing the rotary engines.

What else do we know? Odds are the RX-8 successor will be a two-seater, making the RX-7 a more likely name. That’s really about it at this point, folks, but have no fear: when the RX-8 successor is officially announced, you’ll hear all about it from us.

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