How to Keep Mice out of Your Car

keep mice out of your car

Rodents, particularly mice, love to get in every nook and cranny they can find. That classic car you’re storing in the garage is the perfect place for them, and a nightmare for you. By the time you find out you’ve got a mouse, it’ll probably be too late—it’ll likely have already chewed through insulation and wires to find a warm place to stay.

There are several ways to prevent that from happening. Here are Lancaster Mazda’s top ways to keep mice out of your car:

  • Be mindful of where you park. Avoid areas with known rodent problems and, if you can help it, stay clear of wooded areas or tall grass as well.
  • Don’t keep food inside the vehicle. If it’s a classic car, it’s generally a bad idea to keep food near the upholstery anyway.
  • Place deterrents in the car. Some of the most effective include cedar wood, dog or human hair, peppermint oil, and of course, mothballs.
  • Set traps in and out of the vehicle to catch any rodents that would enter. Sound repellant devices also work really well by playing ultrasonic frequencies we can’t hear but that’ll give mice a deadly headache.


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