A Few Tips on Sharing the Road with Cyclists

tips on sharing the roads

Despite how strongly any of us might feel from time to time that we own the road, it truly is a shared space. Motorists need to make concessions to both bicyclists and pedestrians, especially in light of the fact that motorists are driving in 3,000 lb hunks of metal traveling at breakneck speeds. In the spirit of cooperation, we’ve shared a few tips on sharing the roads with cyclists.

As Edmunds.com, bicyclists have “road rights.”  As a motorist, you have to accept that. You also must expect there to be bicyclists. That way you are prepared when you see them.

More and more, your blind spot doesn’t just potentially hide another car, but can also conceal a bicyclist. You can prevent that by checking your blind spot, of course, but also by consistently using your turn signal.

Bicycling.com recommends opening your driver’s side with your right hand (and your passenger with your left). This will remind you to look behind you before you open your car door. It’s very possible that a bicyclist could be riding up at the same moment. Even you’re not an avid cyclist, you could imagine how unpleasant it might be to ride a bike straight into a car door.


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